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Basic rules for washing a cap

If we use a cap it is practically impossible not to get it dirty.

In the world there are several types of caps, as well as a series of basic rules that must be respected if we want to keep them in the best condition. From how to use them to how to care for them. Without a doubt one of the important ones is how to wash them.

These are the basic rules for washing a cap:

  • Run the brush all over the cap trying to brush off any traces of dust or dirt.

  • After dusting it off, moisten the cap with cold water, preferably using your fingers.

  • Once moistened, prepare a mixture of cold water with liquid detergent. If the cap is stained, add ammonia to the mixture.

  • With the help of the brush, clean the cap using the mixture that you prepared in the previous step.

  • Rinse very well. Wipe off any excess soap by using your fingers to run the water through the cap. The purpose of this is to prevent white spots from occurring after drying.

  • Finally, put the cap to dry by putting a towel inside it so it does not lose its shape. Remember not to make direct contact with the sun.

  • If your cap is made of cotton, polyester or even nubuck, it is worth applying the Liquid Repellent💧Pime Shop.

This will help keep the surface of your caps cleaner and drier. It will also help protect your fabric from dust. Which will make subsequent cleaning much easier.

As you realized, caring for a cap is not that difficult. It's just a matter of dedicating a little time to keep them as awesome as the day you bought them.

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