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Gorras mexicanas con nanotecnología

When I say that what is done in Mexico is unique, original and different, I really mean it.

I am really proud to present a new collection, which aims to spread our culture in a world that is experiencing constant changes. In this collection, tradition and innovation are combined to show that what is made in Mexico is well done.

Now, Pime caps have 100% Mexican technology, designed to repel all types of water-based liquids, and thus, keep them clean and dry for longer.

Each of the pieces in the 20-21 collection of the Mexican lottery uses nanotechnology that creates an invisible layer of nanoparticles on its surface, protecting it from stains caused by liquids without changing its texture or appearance.

For this reason, I am sure that the caps with liquid repellent made with nanotechnology are unique, original and different. In other words, they are authentic pieces of Mexican identity that make you fall in love.

Best of all, these caps, which you won't find anywhere else, are just one click away. 👈🏼 which one do you like the most?

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