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The original caps of la Lotería®

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

How many times have you come across a cap that refers to the Mexican lottery? Did you know that there is a whole story behind those images?

The history of the Mexican lottery is very unique. Although it already had little more than a century of playing with simple images painted by hand, it was in 1887 when businessman Clemente Jacques took them as inspiration to translate them into his cans.

From then on, illustrations that everyone knows became popular. Among these, the most recognized are those of the El gallo Don Clemente lottery deck, which to date is reproduced in Mexico and the United States by Pasatiempos Gallo®, which has copyright.

However, there are those who, taking refuge in "culture", distribute poor quality products that are marketed on a small scale or with street vendors who do not have the same tax obligations, nor the same rights as the population employed in the formal sector.

On the internet, this bad practice has also grown significantly, up to 60% of the products that are marketed online are pirated or "clones", and in many cases consumers do not know how to distinguish between an original article and a copy .

That is why, seeking to combat this social problem that occurs very frequently in our country, my store has the license to reproduce and distribute the original images of the Lottery on the caps.

Identifying them is very easy:

  • Workmanship. The original caps are distinguished by their quality finishes; six segments, curved visor and adjustable snapback clasp. These can be trucker hat or ball cap style.

  • Images. The lottery cards are the authentic ones, and they are printed with transfer technique in high definition, which allows you to appreciate even the smallest detail of the image.

  • Embroidery. The thread used for the eyelets, and the 3D embroidered image frame, is made of cotton of the highest quality.

  • Diamond. The distinctive feature of this cap is an embossed leatherette diamond, located on the back; proudly says: 'Mexico'.

  • Liquid repellent. This collection has a Liquid Repellent coating; uses nanotechnology that helps protect them from stains caused by liquids, without changing the texture or appearance of the fabric.

  • Decal. On the labeling that comes with the new collection cap, it has a folio sticker, which shows the authenticity.

  • Social responsability. In the purchase of each of the caps, a portion of the proceeds goes to non-profit civil associations that aim to preserve the environment.

Although there are still some consumers who find it easier to buy an apocryphal product than an original one, simply because it is cheaper. Wearing a cap from the Mexican Lottery is a hallmark of pride, not only because they are original, but because they are a product made in Mexico; done chingón.

And you, which Lottery cap do you identify with the most?

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