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5 tips to buy on the Buen Fin :)

The Buen Fin is here, that's why I give you 5 practical tips with everything you need to know to make the most of the offers for this purpose.

This year, the Buen Fin will last 12 days (from November 9 to 20) and its modality will be different taking into account the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

Because of this, many will prefer to make purchases online to avoid possible infections when going to stores. These people also expect real and special offers and promotions.

If you are one of those, you must first verify that the online store and / or the platform are reliable. For that, check that they have four things: shipping policies, refund policies, privacy policies, as well as reviews from other buyers on their products. If they lack any of them, DO NOT buy.

Once you have done the above:

  • Plan your purchases. This can be a great opportunity to buy Christmas gifts, Three Kings Day and even advance purchases of other important dates such as anniversaries or birthdays.

  • Compare offers. Monitor the product that you want so much to confirm if its price during the Good End is really a good opportunity; check its price before and during the end of offers.

  • Stick to your budget. Avoid making impulse purchases, you must ensure that your purchases align with your needs. Don't buy just to buy.

  • Avoid interest-free months. Although interest-free months can be very useful when managing our economy, take into account that the highest discounts are usually applied to cash payments.

  • Save the purchase information. In case you have to make any clarification or change, you will be asked for the information you received at the time of purchase. So don't delete the confirmation email while making sure your purchases are what you expected.

Remember that the Buen Fin aims to support the family economy and encourage the Mexican market. It is not an opportunity to get into debt with things we do not need. That's why I tell you like this: Don't buy shit that you don't need in months without interest to look good with people who don't care about you.

With information from and El Universal

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