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Basic rules to take care of your caps

It is not only knowing how to wear a cap. After acquiring a new one, the first thing that comes to mind is to keep them as the first day we had them in our hands. Therefore, I tell you how to do it.

Keeping a cap clean is no big deal. The tips below are so easy that anyone can do them, helping to prolong the life and fastness of colors, or the texture and structure of your caps.

Here are some basic rules to help you:

Take off the stickers. Although stickers or holograms are a sign of originality in caps, the truth is that leaving them looks bad.

Removing the decals from the visors of the caps will help the natural wear to be uniform; so there will be no variations in the shades of the fabric.

Read the labels. Certainly it is best to follow the directions on the labels. The care of your cap depends on the manufacturing material, it is not the same for wool caps, cotton caps or polyester and expandex caps.

In addition, if you are have artisan applications such as leather, beads or some metal, their care should be greater.

Protect them from dust. After using your caps, do not leave them on shelves or hanging on the wall, as dust is a factor that can damage them in the long run.

Even if these are in your room, it is best to keep them in airtight zip-top bags or shoe boxes. What's more...

Don't crush them. Taking care of the structure of your cap is essential for it to retain its original appearance.

A good tip not to crush them and at the same time protect them from dust is to put them inside your closet in a collaging organizer. Thus, you will have six levels to put up to 2 caps per space.

If you are going out for a walk, avoid putting your caps inside your backpack. It is best to hang them on the handles of your backpack or on a trouser loop.

If the trip is long and you do not have a cap holder, try to fill the inside of your cap with clothing to avoid deforming its structure.

Avoid getting them wet. Another factor that can damage your caps is water or rain. So you should try at all times that it does not get wet. But if it happens to you, put it to dry with absorbent paper (kitchen) inside, away from the heat source.

A product that can help you with this purpose is the Liquid Repellent💧Pime Shop. Which also helps protect the fabric of your caps from dust. Its mode of application is very simple and its components are ECO-FRIENDLY.

Of course we cannot prevent them from getting dirty. So if you are going to wash your caps, it is best to do it by hand, with cold water, use neutral soap, do not use bleach, dry them in the shade, and never iron them.

And you, what else would you add to take care of your caps?

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