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Recycle the paper of your gifts! 🎁

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Any holiday fanatic gets a warm feeling when seeing the gifts wrapped in vibrant, glossy paper that hides the true nature of the gifts. But sadly, there is a dark and not so green side.

Every Christmas season, millions of sheets of wrapping paper are sold, used once and then thrown away. What is the best way to get rid of that wrapping paper? Can it be recycled? The answer is a bit complicated: sometimes yes, but usually no.

That is why I share some tips that I have collected to recycle the largest amount of this paper and you can generate less waste, and in the process help to take care of the environment. So if you are one of those who still likes to deliver gifts wrapped in paper, you will be fascinated to know these tips that will make your gifts shine.

  • Reuse clothes you don't use. The first of the tips is that you use old clothes or that you no longer use; they can be pants, dresses or shirts. This material will allow you to wrap the gifts in an ecological and very original way. In addition, you can surprise your loved ones.

  • Recycle magazines and newsprint. Reuse old newsprint or magazines to wrap your presents. Use your creativity and choose the pages where the letters predominate, you will surely end up creating an original and ecological wrap. Give yourself the opportunity for your creativity to lead you to create a colorful, original, elegant or eye-catching wrap, according to your taste and preference.

  • Make use of the furoshiki. It uses the Japanese technique of furoshiki, the Japanese ancestors used a rectangular cloth to wrap gifts. The technique stopped being used with the passage of time but it is an original way to wrap your gifts. For this you can use from scraps of fabric, jargon, towels, even kitchen towels.

  • Bring old objects to life. Save on paper and reuse products such as cans and containers, from soft drinks to potato chip bags, shoe boxes or cereal boxes as well. Give new life to toilet paper rolls, wrap gifts with recycled paper and decorate with bows. You can use paper bags that were given to you at the supermarket, as well as cloth bags or sacks.

  • And finally. Don't burn your wrapping paper. You might be thinking, it's Christmas, it's cold, why not burn the paper? Wait! You should never burn wrapping paper. Inks, dyes, glitter, and other plastics in paper can expel toxic fumes when burned, damaging your health and the health of those around you.

With information of El Heraldo de Mexico and Ten Tree.

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