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Reasons to support the Mexican made 🇲🇽

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Mexico is a country full of culture, traditions and wonderful people; but it is also full of entrepreneurs who create quality products and contribute to the country.

Personally, I love what was done in Mexico and I support it. A reflection of this are the collections in the store. However, the abundance of foreign products can raise doubts about why support the Mexican.

If you are interested in consuming what is made in Mexico or knowing more about why Mexicans strive to offer quality products, we give you 5 reasons to convince yourself:

  1. Aid to the national economy. By buying Mexican products you help the money stay in our country and that benefits us all. Speaking a little more about economics, our currency would not depend so much on other (international) ones and it would not be so affected by financial crises.

  2. You make a community. By consuming locally, you are part of a community, you help strengthen families that benefit from entrepreneurship.

  3. You drive fair competition. Sometimes we are saturated by foreign companies and we ignore the national ones, by supporting Mexican companies you give them exposure to other companies.

  4. You motivate local entrepreneurship. Maybe you have a friend who would like to start a business and there is nothing better than knowing that that person is doing well and their products are selling. Acquiring the Mexican product you support their ideas and entrepreneurship.

  5. You help reduce the impact on the environment. Buying domestic products reduces the carbon footprint as they are not transported in large cargo ships. One of the biggest polluters on the planet.

In addition, there are like ours, businesses that innovate with high-quality items without generating an impact on the environment, by planting a tree for each online purchase of any of their items.

For this reason, in the store we seek to support our country and we know that what is done in Mexico is done well.

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