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Honor your name, Constanza

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Daughter, today that I finally met you and held you in my arms, and although you still do not understand this world, I hope that tomorrow you will come across these letters and know that I do not want you to look like me, not even in an eyelash.

Even if you carry the 'Rodríguez' with you, you will not be the continuation of my last name, nor of my way of being. Because you are not my appendix, you are much more ... You are unique and unrepeatable, that is why you must be authentic and different.

When you grow up, and are of legal age and life takes you away from me and I can no longer take care of you, be everything you want to be. As long as it makes you happy: Sell illusions, buy clouds, shake life and do not follow others. Do not believe what they tell you; just do what makes you happy. And above all, honor your name, Constanza, and pursue your dreams.

I do not want you to be what I could never be, so I will not push you down the paths that I would have liked to travel. I just want you to have the ability to understand that to be happy, you just have to approve of yourself. Be happy, daughter.


Your dad

P.D .: I already loved you before I met you.

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