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More trees for the west of Mexico

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Sowing a cooler Mexico is not an easy task. To achieve this you need commitment, a lot of commitment. But it is also necessary to make an alliance with the right people, and in the west of the country, in Bosque Urbano de Extra A.C. I found them.

According to a Green Peace report on the country's most polluted metropolitan areas, Guadalajara is not only the second most polluted, but also the second most populated.

This metropolitan area is made up of 8 municipalities: San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Tonalá, Zapopan, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, El Salto, Juanacatlán, Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos and Guadalajara, where almost 5 million people live. Can you imagine the quality of the air ?

In addition, this civil association has also been given the task of planting trees in other parts of the west of the country such as Querétaro. So it has become a very important ally for our cause.

For this reason, it is very important for us to contribute to Bosque Ubano de Extra AC. To help them plant 3 million trees in the next 10 years and make the Guadalajara metropolitan area the most wooded city in the country and one of the most wooded in the world.

But how do you contribute?

If you live in the west of the country (Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima or Michoacán de Ocampo), when you receive your cap, shirt or bracelet, you will also receive a confirmation page where it is indicated that an amount of your purchase will go to the production of a tree by Bosque Urbano de Extra AC

If you want to adopt it, you can collect your tree directly at the Urban Forest nursery using your coupon, which must be shown both in the booth and in the adoption area of Bosque Urbano de Extra A.C. for the exchange for your tree.

If you decide to hand over your tree for someone else to adopt, a photograph will be taken to attest to the adoption of the tree. In addition, a label with a QR code will be placed with which the location of your tree can be mapped and identified for monitoring. Reason why we ask the adopter not to withdraw it.

People must go to adoption accompanied by their INE, and provide their personal data (name, address, telephone and email) this in order to measure the survival of the trees delivered after 6 months or 1 year.

Join us to sow a chingónMexico!

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