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Online shopping during Covid-19

Almost a month after the first case of coronavirus will be registered in our country, which prompted families to attend to health recommendations to avoid contagion, online purchases have multiplied and home orders have increased exponentially, according to with estimates from the Asociación Mexicana de Venta Online (AMVO) and delivery companies.

At the same time, parcel companies have taken preventive measures against the coronavirus, without ceasing to operate. Reduction of hours and operating personnel, who have begun to work remotely, keeping only those who are essential, as well as the delivery of packages in the mailbox, the cancellation of cash on delivery shipments and without the need for a signature to avoid physical contact These are some of the measures in the face of the situation we are experiencing.

The national and export parcel service continues to work normally on the usual days and hours. However, companies such as Estafeta have stated that the Mexico-United States export service presents delays in deliveries, especially in some states of the American Union declared in a state of emergency. But in the end, the deliveries have been made.

Carlos de Silva de Silva, Vice President of Human Resources at DHL Express Mexico states that executives at DHL are not allowed to make business trips to Italy or China,

and that his colleagues in that Asian country are not allowed to travel anywhere.

He also indicated that those in charge of delivering the parcel have the instruction to go home in case of feeling the symptoms.

In UPS to avoid contact they are adjusting the required signature process. You just have to show an official ID to the UPS driver and that's it.

For electronic commerce, it has become important to clarify that the shipment of packages does not represent a risk of contagion, since the myths about the coronavirus and "its spread through parcels" have become frequent.

The reality is that, according to the UN and the World Health Organization, the Coronavirus does not spread through letters or packages.

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