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What type of cap to wear according to your face

This time I will talk about what kind of caps to wear according to the face.

Before knowing how to use caps, it is necessary to know the types of caps and which one suits our face best. Check out these tips:

Caps for rectangular or long face

Those who have this face shape will fit the caps with an adjustable clasp quite well, which allows them to adapt to the shape of the head. These regularly have a curved visor. In this way, no volume will be added to the size of the skull and the elongatedness of the face will be simulated a bit.

Caps for round face

Mostly it is women who have this face shape. However, there are men who also have faces like this. For these cases, it is best to wear a cap high on the crown, with a flat visor and an adjustable clasp.

Caps for oval face

This is the face desired by many, as it is considered "perfect". Not very long, not that wide, and with a normal chin. Caps with a curved visor suit him perfectly, since they bring more balance to the features of the face.

Square face cap

The square face can be recognized because the width of its forehead coincides with that of its chin. As well as having slightly prominent cheekbones and chin. For these faces the best cap is the baseball cap. Its height and shape of the visor give harmony to the square face.

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