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Basic rules for wearing a cap 🧢

After knowing how many types of caps there are, it is important to know what the basic rules are for wearing them, right?

Well, although it may seem incredible, even today there are those who feel sorry for wearing a cap as a complement to their outfit, because they consider it in bad taste. But, street style fans know better.

The cap is known to look good with practically any outfit. It is a fundamental piece in current urban fashion, which looks great with jeans, jeans, skirts, and even with a tie or formal looks.

But, it is not as simple as it seems. Although we can consider it versatile, you have to know when and how you should NOT wear caps, so as not to pretend something we do not want or to not reduce our age. This is against fashion.

You can be 10, 20, 30 or older and look good in a cap. Of course, as long as you know how to combine it. And when we talk about combinations we are not only referring to the colors, but also to whether it looks good with the clothes you are wearing, or not ...

In addition, to see yourself with a lot of style there are rules to wear a cap that you must put into practice, to maintain good taste:

  • You can wear the hat with the viscera back on informal occasions. If your style is skater, you will use it this way almost always.

  • Avoid caps with obscene messages and images with many striking colors. As well as with brilliants.

  • Always choose the correct size. Although there are adjustable cap designs, even those models have a measurement for each head.

  • Choose the type of cap that best suits the shape of your face.

  • Avoid letting the cap cover your eyes.

  • He prefers to wear it from the front and centered on the head.

  • Remove the labels and / or stickers from the new caps.

With these clear tips, in future posts we will explain how to wear a cap and what to wear it with.

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