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How much oxygen does a tree produce?

A tree makes life more pleasant, traps pollutants, improves health and beautifies the streets, but the question arises, how much oxygen does a tree produce?

There is no exact answer, because the amount of oxygen produced by a tree depends on its species, its age, its health and its environment.

However, a study by the Universidad del Valle México found that a mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 21.7 kg per year. 4,000 m2 of trees annually consume the amount of CO2 that a car produces when traveling 42,000 km.

According to the American newspaper New York Times "a tree 30 meters high, with a trunk diameter of half a meter at the base, produces about 2,721 kilograms of oxygen enough for two people to breathe for a year."

On the other hand, the Ministry of the Government Environment Canada indicates that “on average, a tree generates 117 kilograms of oxygen annually. Two mature trees provide the oxygen that a family of four will use per year ”.

Tips that you have to consider to plant a tree in your house:

If your finances allow it, opt for clay pots. The plastic ones will come a time when they will crack, and will have to be transplanted to the tree.

You must place it in full sun.

It is highly recommended to add gravel to the bottom of the pot, or otherwise mix the substrate with perlite.

Having compost (ecological being a fruit tree) is important, since the minerals that the substrate has little by little the tree will absorb them and thus it will grow properly.

You must prune it. Think that a tree that is going to be in a pot all its life cannot have as many branches as it could have on the ground. For this reason it is very important to prune branches and roots whenever necessary.

Now that you know how much oxygen a tree generates, help us plant a cooler Mexico and plant a tree in some area of ​​the country.

With information from Universidad del Valle México, New York Times y Ministerio del Gobierno Environment Canada

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