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Which tree to choose to decorate?🎄

In our country thousands of people decorate their homes with the Christmas tree. According to tradition, the exact date to put it is the Day of the Immaculate Conception, that is, December 8. And although there is no exact date to remove it, in Mexico families usually do it after January 6, Three Kings Day, or there are those who wait until February 2, Candlemas Day, to finally say goodbye to the Christmas festivities with the traditional tamales.

For all those who celebrate Christmas with an environmental conscience, this is a real dilemma: Is it better to buy a natural Christmas tree or a plastic one? Here are some pros and cons:

Real trees

First I must point out an important thing, although there are some places where you can go to cut down the tree of your choice, most of the natural Christmas trees no longer come from the forest, they are almost always grown in commercial Christmas tree plantations or nurseries specialized.

Many consider that using these types of trees is a good thing because it allows you to support local companies and you are not doing any damage to natural forests, in addition to helping to improve the sustainable use of forest resources.

They are also quite easy to find.

But there are some disadvantages with the natural tree. As in agriculture, they are often grown with pesticides that are toxic to wildlife and, well, our families too. Another disadvantage is that some are brought from other countries and their transportation contributes to increasing the carbon footprint.

Plastic trees

The other option is plastic Christmas trees. They are cheap and reusable, and some do not have to decorate them: unpack, place and go. Easy.

While plastic trees are amazing for their practicality and money saving, they are terrible for nature. They are made from PVC, which releases the chemical dioxin during production. If the tree catches fire, it will release that dioxin into the environment. They also contain hormone-disrupting phthalates and are contaminated with lead.

This sucks, right ?. And it gets worse ...

If you carefully read the fine print that comes with your plastic tree, it will actually tell you to wash your hands after touching it so you don't accidentally ingest brain-damaging chemicals. And this is not an exaggeration.

But worst of all, is that when your plastic tree no longer works or you just don't like it anymore, you can't recycle it. You have to send it to the dump where it will stay for eternity. There, eventually your lead and other chemicals will be dumped into the water tables.

Other options

What many Mexican families have started to do is that instead of buying a natural (cut) tree or a plastic tree, they get a live pine in a pot every winter to use as a Christmas tree.

Then when the time comes, they find a place to plant it. This if this chingón right ?. Holidays don't have to mean cutting down natural trees or consuming fake plastic trees. We could also plant trees!

At the end of the day, natural trees are always going to win over any fake plastic tree, made abroad, that doesn't do nature any favors, just make the Christmas season a little cheaper for you but more expensive for the environment. .

Additionally, a natural tree injects money into the local economy, supports local tree plantations and nurseries, and can support local wildlife when the holidays are over.

Then I will leave you the links of some sites or places where you can rent your potted tree for this Christmas in Mexico City, Jalisco and Puebla.

  • If you are from Mexico City, it will be very close to go to the Amecameca Nurseries for yours. You can call 55 6609 0055 and 55 6419 8194 to request information, they will gladly support you in the process to buy your potted Christmas pine and take it to your home.

  • Another place in CDMX where you can buy a Christmas tree in a decorative pot is at Ecoparque San Pedro, its WhatsApp is 55 2879 1723.

  • If you live in Guadalajara or its surroundings you can go to Rancho El Paraíso to rent a Christmas pine tree, the cost includes the shipping and collection of the tree from January 7 onwards. You can also buy it by visiting the ranch or by calling 33 3689 0078.

  • In the event that you are from Puebla you can also rent your Christmas tree at

These are the price ranges:

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