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Do you know how many types of caps there are?

I want to start my blog talking about something as common and everyday as the cap. Because beyond the store, the history is very interesting.

In its early days, the modern cap had a very basic design. It was originally designed to protect baseball players' eyes from the sun in the 1860s.

The one you see in the image is the oldest cap that exists and was used by the Baraboo Baseball Club team in the city of Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Today, caps look very different and are seen outside the sports arena with different styles and in different countries. But how many types of caps are there today?

If you are a lover of urban style, you will know that there are many. Here I show you the most used and that you can find in my store with the coolest Mexican models.


Also known as a curved cap, the Flex-stretch or Flex fit hat, it has a six-section cut with the back and is almost always closed; It is the modern version of the baseball cap.

The high quality caps of this style have flex-stretch technology. They typically include a woven polyurethane band with elastic fibers woven into the fabric around the frame. Thus they allow it to adapt perfectly to the shape of your head, giving superior comfort.


Although there are some with a curved and flat visor, the flat version is one of the most popular models in urban fashion. Also known as a flat cap, it has its origins in the 90's.

This design is regularly distinguished by its high front, flat visor and snap-type plastic clasp, that is, adjustable. Thanks to its avant-garde, relaxed and youthful style, it makes it one of the favorite caps of the new generations.

Trucker hat

At first, it was a style adopted by American truckers for the inclemency of long trips. Now they look good even with a tie.

The style of this popular cap is high cut, Original Mesh type. This is, in addition to having a preformed visor, on the back it has a polyester mesh to provide freshness; They usually have a snap or velcro clasp, this makes it very practical.

Ball Cap

These caps are a definite classic, while their main objective is to protect from the sun, they also manage to look great even at night.

The silhouette is classic, the fabric is brushed 100% cotton, with a Low Profile style (low cut). The visor is preformed and the back is open; its clasp with metal buckle is adjustable. The distinction of this model forces it to maintain a traditional and casual touch.

This style also has the Junior Size version, which is an ideal size for the generation that goes from 6 to 12 years old.

And you, how many more styles of caps do you know?

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