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Buy local and buy online ✔

Everything we consume on a daily basis is our decision. And everything means everything; from what we eat for breakfast (nutritious or not), the clothes we wear (handmade or not), to the means of transport we use (ecological or not). The reality is that by choosing these small stocks you add up on a large scale.

Thus, buying fruit directly from the producer, or buying from Mexican designers in a bazaar or online, instead of going to the mall, are decisions that have a direct impact on the community.

With this I am not saying that you avoid going to the shopping center, but I am saying that you try little by little to buy more local products being aware of your habits and your lifestyle.

And why consume local? There are many reasons, here are some to buy products made in Mexico:

The main reason is because you support Mexican artisans and designers, moving the local economy and the country. Studies show that when buying local products, most of the money invested is also spent on community products, strengthening the local economic base.

In addition, what you buy from Mexican designers will be the most original, different, chingón, and everyone will ask you: where did you buy it?

Another important point is that you buy good quality products that are made to be used and last, not to break after 3 uses. Craftsmen and designers take pride in their work, so they use the best materials rather than the cheapest they can.

If the above is not enough, you help the environment. Locally made products have not traveled half the world to reach you, polluting along the way. They are usually made by hand, so material waste is minimal as well as the production footprint.

Enough of mass-produced products with which you look the same as the others, right? It is much better to support creativity in Mexico and entrepreneurship, thus also generating more jobs.

In short, investing in your community generates a virtuous cycle of consumption and motivates your friends and family to do the same. Invite everyone to do it too!

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